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St Simon Peter Catholic School was one of fourteen WA schools to be selected in 2006 for the pilot phase of KidsMatter – the Australian national primary school mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative. 

KidsMatter is a proactive response to the national concern regarding mental health and the need for coordinated and strategic action. It recognises the fundamental importance of students’ mental health to their learning and wellbeing. Schools that address the mental health needs of students (and families) are more likely to achieve goals related to learning and academic success. 

At St Simon Peter School we developed a school Mental Health Map from the results of surveys carried out with parents and staff in 2006. Since then, an action team comprising parents, staff and a KidsMatter Project Officer meet each term to explore and plan exciting and innovative approaches to enhance whole school wellbeing and pastoral care. The parent arm of our KidsMatter team will again be active this year and I urge all families to support their initiatives.

If you would like to know more about kidsmatter, or if you would simply like to access and download Kidsmatter tip sheets please click on the following link  

This year we continue to be involved in a pilot program for KidsMatter Early Childhood.

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