Outside School Hours Care

Our Philosophy

At St Simon Peter Outside School Hours Care we strongly believe in and follow the My Time Our Place Framework for school aged children and the National Quality Standards for Early Childhood and use these to guide our practice.

We believe that the rights and best interests of the children are paramount and are reflected in our daily programme. It is our belief that children are successful, competent and capable learners. Our role is to support your child/ren and their health and wellbeing.

As a Centre we acknowledge that each child has the right to be an active member of the community in which they live, to express their opinion and to have their views respected and included. Furthermore we respect and value Australia's Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

We aim to create a welcoming environment where children feel safe, secure and happy within our care at all times.

Our Centre gives every child and their families the chance to engage with educators to ensure all of the appropriate needs and requirements for the child/ren are being met.

Our Programme

Our programme is child based and strives to bring the best out in every child in our care. The purpose of our programme is to nurture and guide children's learning by providing them with different opportunities everyday for them to  explore. Our highly trained  educators provide a interactive and fun programme that caters to all children, ranging from indoor play to outdoor and nature play. Come in and speak to one of our friendly Educators about today’s programme!


Pictures of the Senior OSHC room

Forms and Further Information

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Vacation Care Information and Enrolment Forms for the Summer 2016/2017 School Holidays can be found here:
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