The Arts

Music and Performing Arts

Classroom Music

St Simon Peter has a classroom music specialist where the students learn the fundamentals of Music reading, writing, playing and performing within the ACARA guidelines.  Students in years 3-5 learn the recorder and students in year 6 learn the ukulele. 

Performing Arts

There is an extensive Performing Arts Program which allows students the opportunity to learn:

  • Auditioned Choir for students in year 4-6
  • Orchestral Band for any students learning an instrument in our school based program and who have learnt the basics of their instrument.
  • School Creative dance and Hip hop program for year 4-6 students
  • Christian Dance program for students in year 3-6
  • Music Ministry (choir for Masses) for students in year 2-6.
  • Musical Theatre program for auditioned students after school for students in year 5 and 6 only with a biannual Musical production performed at Prendiville Redmond Theatre.

Biannually the Musical Theatre group performs a full length musical at Prendiville Performing Arts Centre for the community.

The latest information regarding our Performing Arts Program, please use the following link 

Music and Performing Arts News - 7 September 2016

Instrumental Program

Our thriving instrumental program allows students to learn a wide range of instruments in lessons with high qualified tutors privately or in small groups.

  • Drums and Percussion – available for students in PP-6
  • Keyboard- students in year 2-6 (year 1 students only if places are available)
  • Piano- students in year 3-6
  • Violin- year 2-6
  • Flute – year 2-6
  • Clarinet- year 2-6
  • Trumpet- year 2-6
  • Guitar- year 2-6
  • Saxophone- tenor and alto year 3-6
  • Trombone- year 3-6

This program is paid for by the parents with lessons running during the school day. These students are eligible to audition and become a part of the School Band.  Students learning an orchestral instrument at SSP are invited to join the Junior Woodwind Band at Prendiville Catholic College during year 5 and 6 once a certain level is achieved. 

Annual Events

St Simon Peter Performing Arts students are actively involved in School Events such as our Annual Music Concert held at Prendiville Performing Arts Centre, School Masses, fetes and assemblies.  They are also involved in:

  • The Catholic Arts Festival
  • Joondalup Eisteddfod
  • Westcoast Song Fest
  • Sing Festival
  • Aged Care Christmas Choir Tour
  • Annual Talent Quest
  • Full Musical production
  • Joondalup Festival
  • Parish Carols by Candlelight​

Visual Arts

Classroom teachers run creative art lessons working through themed activities teaching students a wide range of artistic elements, techniques and style.  Biannually the school hosts an Art Exhibition and opportunities are available for talented students to enter the Angelico Art Exhibition which is run during the Catholic Arts Festival.