Early Settlement


Swan River Settlement - Great web site for Aboriginal facts & the history of WA settlement in 1829, includes information & student quiz.

The History of Australian Exploration – A chronological summary in a timeline from 1503 to 1888.

Aboriginal Culture - Day to day life & complex social laws.

Aboriginal Art - After reading, go back to the pictures & click on Rock Painting.

Aboriginal Culture - Religious structure.

Aboriginal tools - Woomeras.

Aboriginal tools - Dillybags.



Explorers of Australia & nearby islands - A timeline from 1606 (Dutch explorers) to 1785 (La Perouse).

Exploration Timeline - Australian land & sea exploration.

Australian Explorers - scroll down the page & click on the person you want.

Explorers of Australia & nearby islands - brief information on Baudin, Burke & Wills, Cook,
Cunningham, Dampier, Eyre, Flinders, Hartog, Hovell, Hume, Jantszoon, Kennedy, La Perouse, Mitchell, Oxley, Philip, Strzelecki & Tasman.

Australian Dictionary of Biographies.

Bass, George - surgeon & sailor.

​Bass, George - British explorer.

Captain Cook - from early life to later life.

​Cook, James (1728 - 1779) - British explorer, navigator & cartographer.

Dampier, William - British privateer & explorer known for mapping Australia.

Dampier, William (1651-1715) - seaman, author & son of a farmer.

De Houtman, Frederik (1571–1627) - Senior officer of the Dutch East India Co.

De Houtman, Frederick - A Dutch Captain.

De Vlamingh, Willem - A Dutch explorer of the 1600s.

De Vlamingh, Willem - Commander of a Dutch ship who named Rottnest Island.

Flinders, Matthew (1774-1814) - born into a family of doctors but he decided to go to sea.

Captain Matthew Flinders - Trace his journey around Australia.

Forrest, John (1847-1918) - a surveyor who made several trips into the centre of Australia.

Hartog, Dirck - he left a famous pewter plate behind.

Dirk Hartog - more information.

e​ - Scottish born. ​Lachlan Macquarie
Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (1792-1855) - Scottish born explorer, invebtor & surveyor.

Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (more info).

John Oxley (1784-1828) - British born surveyor & explorer.

John Oxley - British explorer.

Abel Tasman (1603-1659) - Dutch explorer who discovered Van Dieman's land, now called Tasmania.

Tasman, Abel - Biography.

Janssen, Willem- Little known about his early life.



Lachlan Macquarie


People of the First Fleet

First Fleet voyage – Route

List of Livestock, Provisions, Plants & Seeds

Food & drink on board First Fleet

Other supplies

1788 Survival when food began to run out

First Fleet Fare

Rations in 1788

The journey after setting sail from Portsmouth

6 convict ships set sail for Australia

Convict Ships to Australia – Conditions on board ship.



Western Australian Convicts - From 1850 to 1868. 

Prisons without walls - Information about convict life, clothes & some examples of crimes that got you sent to Botany Bay in 18th century England. 

Convicts to Australia - A timeline of events.

Convict Tales - Colourful accounts of individual convicts.

Convict ships - conditions on board, ship names & routes. 

Ship routines - Scroll down for great reading here of life on a convict ship & the rules & routines. It was no cruise liner! 

On board the Vimeira, arriving in WA in 1865 - An interesting list of those on board this ship, both free men & convicts with age, crime & sentence received. 

NSW Convict Women - What happened to women & child convicts that arrived from England & Ireland from 1788 - 1828?

Daily routines on board Convict Ship in 1862

Australia in the 1800s – Convict Children